Gillette Fusion Manual Razor Blades Pack of 8
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  • Gillette's Fusion razor has break-through technology on both the cartridge front and the back
  • The front of the cartridge has five blades spaced closer together, forming a shaving surface
  • The back of the cartridge features a good trimmer
  • Flexible comfort guard
  • Enhanced indicator lubrastrip
  • The comfort of five blades.
  • The precision of one
  • Ships in an easy-to-open and recyclable box.
  • Contains quality Gillette razor blades
  • Five blade shaving technology with blades spaced closer together than Mach3 to help reduce pressure - for a close, comfortable shave
  • Flexible comfort guard features 15 microfins that follow the contours of your face for a comfortably close shave
  • Precision trimmer for those tricky spots like sideburns, under the nose, and around facial hair styling
  • All fusion razor blades can be used with all fusion razors


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Color Aluminium, Black
Don't bother with the dearer power blades, 1 Feb. 2010

I have the Fusion Power razor, and have been buying the power blades. However, there is s big price difference between the manual and power ones, so I thought that I would take a chance and use the manual ones in my power fusion.

The only difference I have found is that the colour of the lubricating strip is blue instead of orange on the power, and the indicator strip is green not blue. The performance is exactly the same and you can save yourself a few notes in the process by using these instead.

They say that you should get 6 months use out of 8 blades. I have found that you will get a lot more. I use a blade for a full month, replacing it on the 1st of every month. After that, the blades do get a little blunt, but I could probably get a few more weeks out of them, but at the risk of scraping my skin a little. the indicator strip which is a visible sign that the blade needs changing tends to wear off after a few weeks, so I completely ignore this...

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DON'T DO IT!!!, 3 Jun. 2014
Moved to the King of Shaves Azor a few years ago after watching a program exposing the ridiculous markup on Gillette blades, and while KoS blades were good, they weren't as good as Gillette. I only usually shave every couple of weeks so decided to take the hit & move back to Fusion. After a couple of months buying blades from the supermarket, I saw these on Amazon & thought I'd give them a go. I'm no expert in telling original blades from fakes (there are buyer's guides on eBay though) but they look different to supermarket bought blades, and they are ABSOLUTELY USELESS. 1 shave maximum per blade, and its a painful, bloody affair. Definitely wouldn't recommend, surprised Amazon are happy selling these. I'm now past the 30 day return window so am likely to end up chucking 30 of these things : (

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Vary Good Blades - last a vary long time!, 13 Mar. 2011

These blades may seem expensive (though they are cheaper here on Amazon UK), but they do last a vary long time.

I am not sure there is actually any difference between these and the more expensive

, (which are generally a couple of £ more expensive on the shops), apart from the colour. So even if you own the "Power" version of the razor itself, I would stick with these "manual" ones.

I am still on my first blade and have now come to the end of my 5th week of using it, and it is still going strong. Yes, you can feel that it is nowehere near as sharp as it was when it was fresh from the packet but, as I said, it is still giving a vary close shave without any associated razor burning rash. I have dark hair and have to shave every morning so they are out to the test...

This review is from: Gillette Fusion Manual Razor Blades Pack of 8 (Personal Care)